A fire is a good thing to have (Greg’s BMWO report)

Photo by Greg Gedney.

Greg Gedney’s excellent report can be found on Google Docs. Well worth a read, with many pictures of rarely trodden country and burly conditions.  Greg ground it out in the best tradition of the intensely intrapersonal side of wilderness adventure.  Well done sir.

2 responses to “A fire is a good thing to have (Greg’s BMWO report)”

  1. Wow what a quality adventure and adventure report. Very enjoyable read. Nicely written Greg.

    – Awesome picture of that headwall in South Deep Creek Canyon (and the sheep skull)
    – Nice job on the unnamed pass north of Junction Mtn. Clever move.
    – Impressive work with the fires…..getting a good one going seemed daunting to me.
    – I’m very jealous you rafted to Big Salmon in 35 minutes. Wow.
    – Great pic of the evergreens down on Big Salmon trail. I remember being stymied by that pile.
    – You’re totally right the last 6-7 miles of road walking was the hardest

  2. Thanks Dan. I learned at a young age the importance of being able to make a good fire (thank you Jack London) In the days before I started off on this adventure I hiked around the shores of Holland lake and collected birch bark. Nothing in my experience is as reliable when you have to get the job done right no matter the conditions..and the conditions (as you know) were kind of tough when it came to making fires.

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