1. Cyrus Dietz says:

    I think your kit selection is spot on for this time of year, It is almost exactly what I am packing for my 3 day trip this weekend. Of course central Wisconsin doesn’t have the weather dynamics of a mountain range. Did you want for anything during the trip you didn’t bring or regret carrying and dead weight?

    1. DaveC says:

      I forgot my spoon, so I did want that. Whittling a stick got the job done. I didn’t use my headnet or wind mitts, otherwise everything was welcome. Bet really, packing for the weather we’ve been having is too easy. It’s felt like the Sierras lately.

  2. BC says:

    Are the forest fires a problem in Glacier or the Bob?

    1. DaveC says:

      It’s been a bit smoggy lately (from fires down in the Bob). We certainly get fires often, but thus far they haven’t been bad. When/if we get more thunderstorms that could change very fast.

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