That season

After the snowpack begins accumulating in the mountain, but before it stops raining in earnest; this is the off-season. It’s hard to decide on what to do outside, but easy to see why things are so empty: you can’t spend much time outside without getting wet.

My mom came to visit, and after much contemplation we rode bikes into Many Glacier, camped out, and did some hiking.

We all crashed at least once on the ice.

Hiking in the snow and following bear tracks the first day was fun.  Sleeping in the mid as temps rose and clods of falling snow knocked condensation down on us was less so.  And riding out in the rain the next morning was quintessential October in Montana.

No mom, we don’t just do this stuff when you come.  But Joe has it right; this is just that time of year.  There is no other option.


2 responses to “That season”

  1. This is so cool that you can do this with your mom. Both makes me jealous (my mom went on weeks-long canoe trips… before she had kids), and hopeful for my kid when she grows up.

  2. […] too bad, it will shake condensation loose down on you, and thus a calm site should be sought.  On this trip I tucked the mid back in the trees to avoid the wind, but should have brought it out a bit more […]

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