Read this blog: Out Living

There aren’t too many things which get me thinking that living up here in the Crown of the Continent is misguided and dumb. Brendan Swihart’s recent loop in Arches is one of them.

Photo by Mr. Swihart. His whole blog is excellent. Check it out.

5 responses to “Read this blog: Out Living”

  1. Wow, thanks. I appreciate it…

  2. Thanks for linking that blog. It’s one I hadn’t subscribed to, much less even seen. That has been rectified. So thanks!!

  3. Living in NW Montana is not dumb. I just moved from Wyoming to SW Colorado and I’m shocked how much I miss big glaciated mountains and the cold. I did an internship Kalispell awhile back and explored Glacier during January and it was wonderful. The grass isn’t always greener… just sayin’.

  4. Thanks for quality read. Nice work with the camera too. The area has not changed much over the past 30 years except for the crowds. Similar to the Grand Canyon, once you leave the trail(s) the crowd noise and disturbance fades away and its back to solitude. Your post has got me in the mood for another Utah Trip. Sometimes red rocks trumps green grass.

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