Fat bike summit

The 2nd (1st open to the public) Fat Bike Summit is happening this coming January down near Yellowstone.  You can look at the schedule, and all the other beta, here.

I’m on the fence about attending, mainly because I have mixed feelings about riding on snowmachine trails around here.  Without fail the sled guys were courteous all last winter, but I often found myself skiing instead, to get away from the noise.  But I’ll probably go.

What would be really interesting would be a 3 day hut trip on the southern part of the Big Sky Snowmachine trail; doing a car spot, and staying in the Wapiti and Cabin Creek cabins.  The ungroomed stretch between the two cabins might not be rideable a lot of the time, but under good conditions would make for amazing riding.

4 responses to “Fat bike summit”

  1. Awesome to hear you coming and hopefully you can influence others! It is shaping up to be a great festival.

    Your suggested hut trip sounds sweet, plenty of opportunity to similar trips in the same festival area…bottom line is fat bikes in general open opportunities…

    You could stay in West Yellowstone and ride down if you wanted, nice trails over the divide, just sayin’…

    Thanks for posting!


  2. I’m on the fence about attending as well. It’s pretty close to home though and I like the idea of meeting up with other fat bikers. The Big Sky Snow Machine trail hut trip is a great idea. The hike-a-bike section would be a real pain though probably. We rented the Beaver Creek Cabin the last two nights of this weekend (due West of Cabin Creek hut) and the terrain is definitely more apt for nordic/XCD than bikes.

    1. Yep, that route might be better on nordic skis. Let me know if you want to plot something.

  3. Sam and Dave I encourage both of you to come to the Festival. Think of it as this critical mass style event as it will be great for the sport and help lead the way with access issues as well as a great weekend!

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