TrailGroove Magazine

TrailGroove is a new (beginning of this year) magazine devoted to backpacking and wilderness travel. They do high quality writing and photography on a variety of subjects, available for free viewing in an e-mag format. I wrote a piece on off trail hiking, both in Glacier and generally, for their latest issue. You can read it here.

7 responses to “TrailGroove Magazine”

  1. Really nice piece, thanks for sharing.

    (starts pg. 9)

    1. Thanks David. Fixed the link.

  2. Clayton Mauritzen Avatar
    Clayton Mauritzen

    Really enjoying your comments on off-trail travel. That’s already a high priority for this upcoming season–both as an increase in fitness and in navigation skills.

    Now if it would just snow instead of keeping us in between everything.

  3. Another well written and informative article. I’ve been checking out Trailgroove as each issue is released and was happy to see your story. It’s an especially good place for your articles because of the size and resolution of photos. The quote from Bruce Berger on first page of story was very thought-provoking. You are making a lot of us want to go to Montana.

    1. The royalty check from the dept of tourism should be arriving any day now..

  4. Great article and nice ‘zine…hadn’t seen it before.

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