The Scout arrived today. As expected Alpacka fulfilled my color request well (I don’t like yellow, and black on the tubes behaves poorly on hot days).


My intention with the Scout is to see how well is stands up to technical water, or to put it another way, when smaller forward tubes and no deck become a prohibitive disadvantage. The small Scout will be an easy choice in summer with a smaller pack, and obviously unsuitable for hauling a bike or cold whitewater. It will be interesting to enumerate where the transition point between the two lies.

The Scout as pictured, with cap and a 2mm cord tether for it, is 3 pounds 10 ounces. Disappointingly over spec, but the tiny packed size is impossible to quarrel with.

The lesser size and weight will appeal to everyone, and if the Scout proves worthy enough, the price point will get a lot of folks off the fence and on the water.  I will report back.


  1. samh says:

    I don’t know if photos from the weekend are out there but I ran a big chunk of the Yellowstone over several days in a Scout – my legs dangling out the front, my pack resting ‘tween my legs and the whole boat full of water from floor to top of the tubes everytime I hit whitewater. It was great fun.

  2. Spelt says:

    Completely superfluous questions: why don’t you like yellow, and is that orange available in single-color boats (it’s not listed as an option)?

    1. DaveC says:

      No particular reason. The middle of my new boat is the same Sierra Red Alpacka has had for several years now. Does look a bit orange under our hi-zoot sewing room lights.

      1. Spelt says:

        Ah, okay. Could be my monitor too. It looks really orange from over here.

  3. Jeff says:

    I really want to try packrafting but the cost is pretty prohibitive by the time you add a dry suit, paddles ect. I think there are packraft rentals available here in Salt Lake City. May have to rent one and give it a try. Maybe I can talk someone into giving me some lessons since I don’t know much about rafting.

    1. DaveC says:

      If you have any kind of moving water boating background packrafting is dead easy to pick up. The rentals aren’t cheap, but if you find someone to take you on a cool beginner’s trip that would go a long ways towards establishing whether you’ll want to spend more money on it.

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