My A-list project for the summer: hiking all six of the 10k+ foot peaks in Glacier in one elegant, self-supported traverse. I opened the can on this a few weeks ago, so I might as well put it on the net. Public exposure will keep me from being lazy in the next 6 months.

The idea came to me last June, and the governing principles followed easily. A hiking trip, meaning nothing over class 4 and no spikes, to make the kit light and simple. Self-supported, because hiking in and out and driving a bunch is no fun, but if I’m passing by Many Glacier I’m not going to not get a cheeseburger. An elegant traverse because if I’m going to use a week of vacation, I want it to be the best kind of trip. That is, hard but with plenty of sleep, and hitting as many high points (in several senses) as possible, and as much new terrain as possible (most of the off trail stuff will be on-sight). That being said, here is the plan.

You can look at the map here.

Day 1: In at Coal Creek, up Pinchot Creek, camp at the saddle. Leisurely.
Day 2: Tag Stimpson, bushwack down to Nyack and up to Red Eagle Pass. This is the crux; if I can make the pass by noon firing on all cylinders the rest of the route will fall into place if the weather holds. Camp will ideally be up on the shoulder of Jackson.
Day 3: Summit Jackson, hike trail, summit Siyeh, ridge traverse, burger and re-snack in Many. Camp either in the valley or up atop Iceberg Notch.
Day 4: Traverse from Ahern Pass to Mokowanis Lake, summit Merrit, camp at lake. Still working on the route here.
Day 5: Up towards Stoney Indian Pass, Cleveland via south route, down the west route, up to camp at Boulder Pass.
Day 6: Glacier basin traverse, summit Kintla, high traverse west above Akokala, down to Akokala Lake, out to Bowman, hitch to Polebridge, celebrate.

Simple. Flannery already said she’d sponsor me. If I’ve missed something, let me know.