BD Current in 176. 3 pounds, 10 oz a ski. Manufacturer claimed length (straight pull) and widths (118/86/106) are accurate.


Tips have 12 inches of rocker when decambered, with about 2 3/4 inches of splay (height) per side.


Tails have 7 inches of rocker, with a little over an inch of splay a side. Overall construction quality seems very good. Right now they’re in the garage, soaking in an initial wax of CH10. This afternoon I’ll scrape that off, wax with my daily driver (CH4), and ski them tomorrow morning.


But mostly I just bought these because they match my bindings.


  1. M says:

    You try to deny it – but I know you’re a fool for good colors…

  2. Casey says:

    And the good colors match your bindings. Wanna take those out not this weekend, but next, in the southern bittrroots.

  3. DaveC says:

    AM test run up and down Big Mtn (local ski area). Bad visibility by our standards (which is saying a lot), but the skis impressed. I was assuming I’d have a substantial adaptation period, but they felt stable, quick, and natural from the first turn.

    Should mention, I mounted them 5mm back from the factory recommendation.

    1. Why the 5mm? For trail-breaking purposes?

      1. DaveC says:

        Heard a few accounts of the recommended mount feeling too forward, plus I know from experience I prefer a slightly backwards/traditional feel. Such a small difference is probably psychological, anyway.

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