Rossignol BCX11 warranty resolution; and BCX12 snap judgement

When Campsaver referred me to the manufacturer after this incident, I wasn’t especially optimistic.  Thankfully Rossignol was slowish but responsive, and this afternoon a brand new pair of BCX12s showed up.  Campsaver I’m ambivalent about, but I’ll buy Rossi again without hesitation.


They’re quite different than the old ones.  2 pounds 7 oz a foot, which is 5 oz less.  The upper is a nice fabric laminate, rather than the odd rubber fabric.  It is lighter and much, much more flexible fore/aft.  The cuff is now legit carbon (and a lot stiffer side to side as a result), the lower buckle is a bit lower. and the sole feels stiffer.  All of these are good things.  Unfortunately the seams are still not sealed, including the uppermost orange stitching which is purely cosmetic.


The toe box material seems the same as the old stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.  Overall, I’m pleased with Rossis service, and interested in seeing how they ski.  Upon examination the changes can be nothing but good, hopefully they can be made waterproof enough.  Will advise.


6 responses to “Rossignol BCX11 warranty resolution; and BCX12 snap judgement”

  1. It looks like a good boot, but I wish they put the gaiter hook lower down. I guess that would have been difficult, but the weak point of this boot seems to be the area between the hook and rest of the boot. If that area leaks, you are in trouble. If not, things look good.

  2. I used those boots for six days a week ago, the carbon cuffs hurted my tibia so bad I had to ski 5 of the days with the cuff down behind my leg, not optimal really… I’m thinking it is more related to my lower leg anatomy than anything else.This was not apparent during the carpet test in store, but developed after a day of skiing. Also, the gaiter drawstring is pretty useless as the gaiter was already tight enough. Also, We had spring conditions and the buckles were often iced up at the end of the day and I had to thaw them by hand or in front of the wood stove each night.
    Anyway, they went back to the store, I need to find a 3pins boot alternative, since I drilled two of my pair of skis for 3pins…

    Still, it is a nice pair of boot, with a good balance of striding performance and lateral support.

  3. […] are a more difficult question.  I’m optimistic about the new BCX12s I haven’t been able to ski yet, but if I was buying new I’d probably get some Scarpa […]

  4. […] are a more difficult question.  I’m optimistic about the new BCX12s I haven’t been able to ski yet, but if I was buying new I’d probably get some Scarpa […]

  5. I had the same lower leg problem, I put very thin pieces of plywood under the cuff, that helped but was never really satisfactory. One day in the boots gave me a large bump on the side of my lower leg right under the cuff that took weeks to clear up. If you don’t have that problem, and they don’t break (mine tore the lower strap off very early), they were otherwise a very nice boot.

  6. […] Otherwise, the BCX12s have been comfortable, waterproof, and supportive enough. Compared to the previous iteration they have even more range of motion fore and aft. Indeed, they have almost no resistance at all in […]

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