When Campsaver referred me to the manufacturer after this incident, I wasn’t especially optimistic.  Thankfully Rossignol was slowish but responsive, and this afternoon a brand new pair of BCX12s showed up.  Campsaver I’m ambivalent about, but I’ll buy Rossi again without hesitation.


They’re quite different than the old ones.  2 pounds 7 oz a foot, which is 5 oz less.  The upper is a nice fabric laminate, rather than the odd rubber fabric.  It is lighter and much, much more flexible fore/aft.  The cuff is now legit carbon (and a lot stiffer side to side as a result), the lower buckle is a bit lower. and the sole feels stiffer.  All of these are good things.  Unfortunately the seams are still not sealed, including the uppermost orange stitching which is purely cosmetic.


The toe box material seems the same as the old stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.  Overall, I’m pleased with Rossis service, and interested in seeing how they ski.  Upon examination the changes can be nothing but good, hopefully they can be made waterproof enough.  Will advise.