All three forks of the Flathead have been setting all time records for five straight days, after the warm snap from last week built to a crescendo of melt over the weekend.  It’s a remarkable thing to see, the relatively placid river M and I floated at around 3000 cfs 10 days ago swollen eight times over.  I spent some time this afternoon sitting in strategic spots, watching and listening.

My original plan had been to ride and hike down 5 miles of old road to the point above the confluence of the Middle and North Forks.  That plan lasted 300 yards until I reached the 1/2 mile of the road which was flooded.  I rode, then pushed once it got hub deep.  The 30 yards or so before the bridge over a side creek which floods every year looked about waist deep, with a strong current forced up into the tributary by the speed of the Flathead.  It was a cool sight.  Hopefully things go down a bit before the Bob Open, flows like this will cramp everyones style.