It’s hard to like Duck Dynasty right now.  I try to ignore American commercialism as much as is humanly possible, but we’re halfway into the six weeks when that is just not possible.  I was in Cabelas yesterday, and the only thing missing in their branding empire was ammo (which seems like a serious oversight).  Recently Duck Dynasty wine and chocolate bars showed up at the grocery store.

It’s hard to like Duck Dynasty right now.  Which is a shame, because Duck Dynasty is good for America.

It is not good because it’s a genuine portrayal of normal people, which it isn’t, nor because it emphasizes intra and interpersonal satisfaction over the protestant work ethic, though it sorta does that. It is good because it is utterly without cynicism, and always without malice. The show is completely in earnest, and while the folks on it laugh at each other constantly, in the end they are laughing with each other, rather than at.

In an age of reality TV and youtube where empathy is actively shunned, this could not be more important.