IMG_3448The tallest mountain, at center frame, is Jackson, in Glacier Park.  Also seen here, and from a different angle, here.

This week has been a fantastic week to live here. The clear weather has persisted, cold at night, warm during the day. The skiing has been perfect each afternoon.  You do not take this weather for granted around here.

As a result, it’s been enjoyed fiercely by everyone left in the area, which is to say, people who live here year round.  Sunny, 16 hour days in late July are beloved by everyone, and draw the tourists.  So to do enveloping powder days in February.  Fantastic weather is less probably in April and October, and thus it is the reward for committing full-time to this peculiar corner of the world.  Which is why my legs are deader than dead this evening.

An appropriate reward for the workers of this corner of the world.


As it should be.  More 50 degree rain is forecast all weekend.

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