Or; just another dayhike in Glacier. Details not made explicit to protect others future fun.

The off-trail part starts by traversing a bench.



A vestigal terminal moraine collects snowmelt and directs it under the talus and dirt. It re-emerges as a series of springs 200 meters downhill.



Following sheep trails, sometimes obvious, sometimes not, is the order of the day.  Along with trying to not trip as you gawk around.




Edwards, in his climbers guide to Glacier, sprinkles in a number of comments about a route along the Continental Divide all the way through the park.  I have a few sections, some big, some small, as yet undone, and another few where a cleaner and more direct line is worth seeking out.  Eventually, I hope to have a route which will provide me and others with a very elegant and rugged backpack.


On this day it was a bit sad to have to pass by idyllic campsites, and instead plunge back down into the valley, racing darkness and sore feet back to the car, and the drive home.


M, as is her wont, wore injinjis and chacos, and had the dirt to show for it.  I was feeling soft and wore quasi-boots, for which I was thankful.