Single-parent packrafting

There hasn’t been much I just outright can’t do with Little Bear: singletrack mountain biking (trailer width), rifle shooting (he pulls his earmuffs off), and powder skiing (trailer bogs down) being the noteworthy ones. Packrafting has also been on the list, at list on the days I’m a solo parent, until yesterday.

The one parent, one kid, one boat experiment was an utter success. I had my suspicions it would work after last weekend, when he was quite a bit less squirmy and generally more comfortable in the boat than ever.  He’s finally long enough that his PFD doesn’t ride up and annoy him constantly.  So now a whole new world, which has been sorely missed all summer, is now open.

The observant will have noticed the tether, a strap through the front of my PFD, and the back of his.  Not a conventional safety measure, but one that on a mellow stretch of river I know well seemed by far the lesser of all evils.  Perhaps next summer LB’s survival instincts will have developed far enough that the river equivalent of those backpack/harness/leash thingies will not be needed.

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