The Outdoor Retailer tradeshow is happening, right now, and I am not there. The show is early this year, making conflict with the birthdays inevitable.


A frequent comment about OR is “I’d rather be out hiking/climbing/etc” which I find both understandable and peculiar.  Obviously we made such a choice this year, but as yesterday wore on and I got a few texts from folks at the show a small sense of regret crept in.  And this is because for all the strangness of 30,000 people in a large, but still far too small, room; all the horridity of Utah politics and the heat of SLC in the summer; OR is still a bunch of fun.  There are some wide interpretations of what the outdoor industry is, and plenty of people there whose interest in the same seems purely financial, but it is still cool to see so many people with your same interest in the same place.  On this my opinion has not changed.  It is easy to go and see so much that isn’t of much interest, along with the dirty practicality of trends emerging with 8 companies innovating with the same product, and answer the inevitable question of seen anything intere?ting with an emphatic and tired no.  But with so much on offer that just means that you weren’t of a mood to pay attention.  Re-reading my post from last summer, I’m surprised at how many of the things that caught my eye ended up in our closet.

Next year OR heads to Denver, in a move welcomed by most and surprising to I think no one at all.  I view it as a triumph for Patagonia, and as the industry hopefully developing a soul and a purpose.  Maybe the overdue hikers version of Pittman-Robertson is next, along with changes that might make the show accessible to the general public, serving to broaden the appeal and spread the love.  While plenty of people will lament the place in which Denver happens to be, I don’t think anyone will mind the weather, and the extensive Boulder crew will be able to sleep in their own beds.

See you in 2018.