1. collinswannabesite says:

    Big congratulations!

  2. it was an honor to share camp, the trail and the hunt with all you guys- that was quite a hunt in all respects!

  3. fedster9 says:

    Excellent news. Do not retire — I might be able to eventually come and pack another one out (sorry about missing this one out).

    1. DaveC says:

      Chatted with FWPs head of drawing yesterday. 406 people applied for this tag this year. 1.2% chance of drawing. Reckon I used a decade of luck on this hunt.

  4. Ben Brochu says:


  5. This is the hunting equivalent of a nice wedding on a plantation.

  6. chris friesen says:

    Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to your writeup and thoughts about the trip.

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