We got one

Some things are just perfect. I’m almost ready to retire from hunting.


7 responses to “We got one”

  1. collinswannabesite Avatar

    Big congratulations!

  2. it was an honor to share camp, the trail and the hunt with all you guys- that was quite a hunt in all respects!

  3. Excellent news. Do not retire — I might be able to eventually come and pack another one out (sorry about missing this one out).

    1. Chatted with FWPs head of drawing yesterday. 406 people applied for this tag this year. 1.2% chance of drawing. Reckon I used a decade of luck on this hunt.

  4. This is the hunting equivalent of a nice wedding on a plantation.

  5. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to your writeup and thoughts about the trip.

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