Dinner out is a go

Anyone care to identify the Rob Redford film in question?

Just read Chris P’s tale of his WRIAD trip last February. Weird. The trip itself sounds epic, what’s weird is that I’m almost exactly a year older than him. My bday is in fact 2/10, but my AZ license says 2/11 because Meredith misrecalled it. She won’t let me fill out important paperwor due to my incomprehensible handwriting, ergo in the eyes of the state I was born on the 11th. Theoretically this could cause issues, and should be changed, but for the moment its just funny.

Last year I thought the 10th was a Saturday, but that’s this year. Last year it was the 11th, and we were living in St. George, and headed up to do the Subway (and the upper section, Das Boot) in Zion NP. It was the 11th, though I still thought it was the 10th. We had a great time anyway, swimming through ice and walking across long frozen corridors in which one usually has to swim. We even met folks hitching at the lower parking lot, thinking no way in hell are there other people out to do this today.

Small world.

Once I’m done with this literary procrastination I’m off to stuff all my warm gear in the truck, in preparation for the weekend. Seems like Dave and Chris will make it out, so off I go. I’ll pick up some shoe covers and perhaps lobster gloves in Flag. Or make due with what I got. My Sealskin waterproof socks work well as vapor barriers, but are bulky and a nuisance.

Nutritional highlights will include:
-deer jerky, courtesy my stepdad
-coconut macroons, the secret weapon
-chocolate covered espresso beans
-Clif bars
-maybe dried fruit, though I tend to not eat much when its cold
-sour jelly beans (secret weapon 2)
-fancy performance beverage (usually tang, this time probably waterbottles of hot green tea)

Still trying to figure out how to bring the fat fleece extra layer, larger pack or something strapped to the frame. Making a framebag is on the short list.

Over and out.


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