15 minutes

A friend from college is being interviewed at some point tomorrow by Rolling Stone on “crazy college stories,” and has requested contributions. I am not putting specifics up here, just the highlight reel that flashed through my head:

-naked track bikes on an indoor basketball at 0200 (not me)
-pneumatic potato canon (my old roommate, has an engineering degree now)
-setting the side of the brick building on fire with everclear (that was my idea)
-bagel fights
-being chased off the tops of various campus buildings by security (and the many variations perpetrated by climbing gear in the closet, miraculous I got noticed as rarely as I did)

Everything else was just time in the library, and quite boring. I’ll have to write about climbing club parties at great length some day.

“These are days, to remember….”

6 responses to “15 minutes”

  1. Man I have lots of these but I’m not sure they should be public. The potato cannon does remind me of the one time we powered one with gasoline though… Man that thing shot wicked flames out the barrel until the cops arrived!

  2. Dang, I waisted my youth on the army. Got stories from the ’80’s like late-night raids to steal radio antenna from East German command posts and wiring zippers shut on Czech Army tents. Non-trad students miss out on all the fun. Guess there was the incident of adorning the cocnut palm w/ undergarments while smoking cuban cigars in a geothermal spring during the 2000 attempted coupe in Fiji in grad school. No nekkid track biking though.Dave Pals

  3. THIS one gets folks out of the woodwork. Amazing what a group of smart and bored people can do.

  4. Went to cooking school…. One of the other students sabotaged the four bin I had about 2 lbs of sugar and flower shot at me… Still don’t know how he rigged that?I got him back with some muster cheese of his manifold of his car:)

  5. DN: hilarious!!!!!!! All my 6th period is staring at me cracking up right now.

  6. The part about being on the tops of various buildings cracks me up.I conquered all but two buildings on the small campus I went to over my four years time. Without gear. I just like being on top of buildings for some reason.Not to mention the nude triathlon…”Rough, tough, and in the buff”

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