While October is still around

Head on over to the Bitterroot National Forest site and submit a commit on their new travel plan(s) before the deadline on Guy Fawkes day.

The Montana Mountain Bike Alliance has a pretty piss poor action summary on their site. Good ideas, but presented in a clear as mud fashion.

In short, I would recommend advocating for option 4, which is the most restrictive to motorized use. In addition, a strong statement for treatment of bikes in the same way as hikers to the fullest extent allowable by federal law is advised. I would also throw in a reference to preserving hunting (not from an ATV!) and human powered use for future generations. Forward thinking and what have you.

Bill and the guys down at Red Barn are just starting to help me realize the potential down there. Let’s keep it.

Off for a night ride. Daylight savings time, here we come.

One response to “While October is still around”

  1. My treat was ultratacky dirt and swift scudding clouds under the moon. The trick was the wet root 2 minutes from the car the sent me over the bars.Snowshoeing tomorrow, as I committed the ultimate act of apres November hubris: I waxed my skis tonight.Hope Mr. Nice is having fun this evening.

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