Egypt: Exec. Summary

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  1. Epic.I love the way you use the video while you walk. The first shot going up the corridor toward the sun was outstanding.Of the stills so far, I like the dude on the camel with the phone, and the outstanding still of the ladies on the wall. Beautiful. Amazing light on that one in addition to the beauty or the relief.Did you have to plan this or did your mom mostly take care of the details? I hope the latter given school demands, and if so, what an incredible gift.PS: That fish was insane!

  2. It was an incredible gift. We had airline tickets to and from, and about 50% of the stuff in country arranged prior. The rest we figured as we went along (ie spending less time in Cairo, because it was so loud).The fish was a ~40 lb Nile Perch. Quite modest by the standard of Lake Nasser.Both of the shots you mentioned were taken at waist lever (the relief of Nefertari was in a "no photos" zone). Little cameras have a huge advantage in being quick and discrete.

  3. Crazy!! Very well done Dave. Love the long shots at 5:00. The crates on bikers head at 3:35 (we should try that at TNR). The guy on camel going to MacD's (fr a Big Mac?). Well put together – really give us a feel in 8 minutes. Let us know if you ever have a get together slide show!!

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