TrailLite Designs Bandoleer pack


Thom Darrah, TrailLite owner, hooked a few BPLers up with prototypes to test. This is mine. Review thread here.

5 responses to “TrailLite Designs Bandoleer pack”

  1. A great how-to vid, Dave. Your hat and the choice of tunes is pretty rad also.

  2. Pretty Lights rocks. Intervals on the bike music.

    I’ve yet to find the courage to risk looking like a dandy and wear that hat (my grandpas, Donagel Tweed) out and about. It might clash with my puffy coat.

  3. Since when do we care if we clash? If you don’t care in the woods, why should you care in town? :-)

    Great video. I’m curious what you shoot with?

  4. Slick! My bro inlaw was one of the other dudes to receive one, he had mixed feelings about it. We ran into some Okies in the Ozarks last week packing like 60lbs, they shit themselves when they saw the Bandoleer, I think they thought the pack was a relic from the Kryptonians.

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