It’s been a hard week to be at work, because after the invigoration of the trip last weekend, I don’t want to wait to get back out there. During distracted, more empty moments in my life I find I always have some totem of the recent best moments running through my head. For most of the winter that has been pole plants. This week it’s been the rhythm of climbing on the bike out of the saddle, or sinking a paddle blade and swinging downstream out of an eddy.

Fortunately, I get to do all three on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Such a beautiful image. So grossly juxtaposed above that advertisement. Fortunately a little tweaking of my ad blocking software and I was able to make it go away.

  2. I in my technological ineptitude do not know how/if to make the wordpress ads go away. I’d welcome advice if it exists.

    If not, a price I’m willing to pay for the template and functionality of wordpress. Readers, bear with me.

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