The Junk Show

Tomorrow is the Pole-Pedal-Paddle triathlon up in Whitefish, and I’ve resolved to get full value by riding there and back and hauling all my gear.  Speaking of full value, the forecast calls for 40s and 100% chance of precip.

It took some thinkering and futzing, but past experience hauling skis and fly rods in the masthead position and my new Tubus Cargo made it all possible.  If you look closely you can see the ski tails tucked into the rack, and the foam taped to either side of the headtube.  Once I cinch down the strap around the headtube there is just enough tension in the skis to keep them sturdy and rattle free.  My packraft, ski poles, and the middle sections of the paddle are strapped to the rear rack.  Boots, skins, PFD, and paddle blades are in the pack.

Curb testing seems to indicate that it will work no problem.  Will report back tomorrow.

3 responses to “The Junk Show”

  1. This is great! I’ve been trying to figure something like this out for the Marquettes… they’re so W-I-D-E.

  2. Excellent! Have thought about Pugsley or MTB to XC ski…

    Oberlin? I grew up and went to school not far from there in the big city on the lake…

  3. This method of mounting skis on bike really works well.

    Mike, my sister went to Oberlin. I went to Grinnell.

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