New bike = stuff on clearance

[Updated 10/24 am]

M on rappel in Zion, en route to long night out. It’s been since July ’09 that I last set foot on the CO Plateau!

For the first time four years I’ve got a new bike on the way, but once it arrives I’ll be a few crucial parts (wheels, bb, freewheel, tire$$) short of it being rideable.  So all hands are on deck to raise some funds.  Additionally, we’ve been shuffling some furniture around the house, and that always gets me thinking about all the junk I have that never gets used.

All of the stuff listed below I’m prepared to dispense with at scandalously low prices.  If interested, email me.  If you have questions, please post a comment as others likely have the same.  Shipping can be negotiated.  Shipping outside the US would obviously be expensive, and I don’t ship to Canada because in my experience CA post sucks.  Payment via Paypal, or local cash in hand.

2 XT front mechs. One is low clamp, top pull, other is high clamp, top pull (was dual, cut off the bottom swingarm thingie).

Wild Country Tech Friends 5 and 6.  Of the vintage when the cam lobes on all sizes were red.  Used very little, and not at all for the last 5 years.

Trango Russian Aider setup.  Very little use.

(might have more later)

5 thoughts on “New bike = stuff on clearance

  1. You’re getting a Mukluk! Yay!

    I have been on the fence for a year now about selling my Pugsley. I really probably should as it’s completely redundant; the chance that Beat and I need two snow bikes in the foreseeable future is low. But if you know anyone in your circles who might be interested in a 16″ 2007 Surly Pugsley, 70 mm Speedway wheels and nearly new Larry tires, complete with frame bag, let me know. Cheaper shipping to Montana than Alaska, where the bulk of the market still resides.

    1. I bet that bike would be perfect for Danni! ;)

      Handed the Lenz over to FedEx this afternoon. Quite sad, but its “replacement” will arrive soon, and could not be more excited about that. Was up past midnight last night watching Eric P’s hellbiking vids.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I sent you an email. I’m definitely interested in the wheel for my dirt road tourer. I could be interested in the shifter/derailleur too.

    Gary in Del Norte.

  3. Pugsley might me a bit large for Danni. After all these years I’m starting to think it’s too large for me. The 18″ Fatback that Beat (who’s five inches taller than me) bought for himself seems to fit me better. Go figure.

    I’ve always been a bit curious about an Arctic Coast bike trip but hellbiking, I admit, is something I don’t fully understand. Wouldn’t mind walking a piece of the Alaska coast someday but I’d rather not drag a heavy, often useless, prone-to-failure machine with me. Even though winter cyclists push often, it’s still more efficient and easier than walking/dragging a sled and even skiing in many trail conditions. Not sure you could say this about the Southeast Alaska or Aleutian coastline. The slow-going is so slow that it eliminates any extra speed wheels provide on the sandy beaches. But I guess for hellbikers it’s all fun, and that’s the point.

  4. uh still have the russian aiders?

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