Luc is full of crap

Not because of his videos, they are all like this one uncannily good, but because he seems to think I and you drive traffic for him. Absurd, all his videos have like, 1000+ views, while mine have about 87. That could be because his don’t suck, of course…

3 responses to “Luc is full of crap”

  1. Just crunching the numbers:
    Aniakchak: Roman + Dave = 287, Luc = 208
    Classic: Roman + Dave = 637, Luc = 499
    PR 201: Roman = 635 Luc = 177

    You guys are the best agents ever! I appreciate the help sharing my love for Ak.

    1. My pleasure. (The last management check is late, btw.)

      And I about pissed myself laughing watching this last vid.

  2. that video if f’n brilliant!

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