Read this blog: AK Pete is back

During the 2007 Kokopelli Trail race I kept yoyoing with this tall guy on a red Lenz with a big black pack. He’d stop to take pictures or eat in the shade of a juniper and I’d plug past, only to shortly be overtaken yet again. I lost him as he continued to diesel along and Adam, Fred, Derrick and I began our extended encounter with torpor and ambivalence.

The next day, as I limped around and ate everything in sight, Pete Basinger (the mystery biker) rode the highway back to Grand Junction.

Pete was already a minor legend in the small pond of ultraendurance mountain biking for having brought the 2004 Great Divide Race down to what is still the closest finish in divide racing history (see photo).  He went on to establish himself as one of the most accomplished endurance snow bikers ever.  He is also a very nice guy to ride with.

Pete had a blog back in the day (2007 and 2008) when everyone did, but killed it off, and with it a store of wonderfully curmudgeonly wisdom on riding bikes for a long time, especially in the cold.  Last I heard he was teaching school in McGrath, but apparently he’s now in Bend, selling Fatbacks, and has a new blog.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

2 responses to “Read this blog: AK Pete is back”

  1. Ha. Thanks for the plug Dave.

  2. Pete is pretty cool. Good to hear about the blog. Cheers.

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