On trail route finding

A new article of mine, concerning techniques for on-trail route finding, is up at BPL. A subscription is required, but this one is my personal favorite of all the work I’ve done for them as of now, published or yet-to-be published.

Ideas planted in my head after Alaska last summer coalesced over the next few months of backpacking in Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Bob.  Alaska had shown me what a landscape looked like when human trail builders had never been there, which in turn enabled me to begin to estimate how the presence of human trails in the major wilderness areas of the lower 48 affected animal traffic.  I in turn realized that while the rules governing human and animal trail travel were in some ways different, they were in many ways the same.  Hence this article; written with the assumption that the vast majority of the time, the human traveler will be following established paths of one sort or another.

2 responses to “On trail route finding”

  1. I remember this picture from when you first posted it and once again I find myself staring at it. It’s not quite disturbing, maybe unsettling is the right word. It leaves you wondering…?

    That’s good.


  2. Clayton Mauritzen Avatar
    Clayton Mauritzen

    Just wanted to say that it is an excellent article. Not only does it contain excellent technique, but it represent (at least in my humble opinion) a significant refinement in your writing style. Well done. I look forward to testing your ideas and learning some of my own in the very near future.

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