Bob Open pre-game

72 hours ago my participation this weekend was very much in doubt.  All weekend I was on the couch without much energy and a weird appetite, not a good confidence booster for such a hard trip.  As I write this I’m almost back to full strength, but the ambiguity my physical condition has introduced replaces that which experience has taken away concerning the route and conditions.  I’m nervous, which is as it should be.

I always prefer to pack a few days out for a big trip. Having the pack sitting around packed is good for making sure nothing is forgotten.

Since I show my hand in the video, I might as well let those interested in on my route planning.  The figures for pace are optimistic, but not wildly so.  I expect to be a bit slower now, especially on the uphill stretches, given my recent illness and the fact that fresh snow up high is looking increasingly likely.

10 responses to “Bob Open pre-game”

  1. Thanks Dave. Nice to get a visual on your packs contents. The right clothing is going to be key.

    1. Yep, the packs contents are locked, but I’m still mulling a few options for clothing worn.

  2. Be safe. The weather doesn’t look awesome. I will be thinking about you.

  3. How is bottle holder on the shoulder strap made?

    1. Just a Voile ski strap cut to length and threaded through the sternum strap buckles and then behind the strap. Very solid with a full 20 oz bottle. I never liked bungees for this application.

  4. Very instructive post. Are those BD snow baskets? How difficult was it to switch them out? I have the same poles and while I know the tips are replaceable, I was under the impression the baskets were permanent.

    1. I had to boil the stock tips for a few minutes to melt the glue and remove them. I replaced with generic ski pole tips and BD powder baskets.

      1. Great, thanks for the info.

  5. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing the inflation bag for your raft.

    1. In the boat. 6 lbs includes all the extras glued on, inflation bag, and 2 6′ straps.

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