Bob Open update


Interested parties should note that I’ve updated the Bob Open page, both with a link in the comments to a discussion thread on BPL and with some speculative hints at the events future. My intentions are to, possibly as early as next year, move it beyond the Bob complex to other places in the Northern Rockies. The spirit and seasonal timing will remain the same, but the demands of each year will in all probability vary drastically. For example, a course which will demand extensive ski travel will probably happen sooner rather than later.

The seasonal aspect is to maintain the challenge and keep the pure trail runners at bay. If I had a nickle for every local who’s told me they’d do it if it was in July, I could buy myself a very nice lunch. It will never be in July. Each year will be different, so those who wish to packraft and hike snow-free trails a lot should make a point to come this year.

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