We may not have any direct evidence of Fishers in the park yet, but a camera Nate and I set up last month did net a cool find.

Here’s me testing that site.


One of the more enjoyable aspects of this years Fisher project, even more than the wolverine work last winter, has been going to corners of the park I would likely not otherwise visit. This particular camera is a mile above a not-very-well visited lake, on the edge of old growth forest and the willow and beaver infested valley bottom. It’s accessible in winter because the ponds are frozen. In summer the bushwack would be quite unappetizing.

6 responses to “Satisfaction”

  1. Sasquatch lives!

  2. I believe I saw some of your (or at least your colleagues’) handiwork this last holiday. The chicken was still frozen but mildly gnawed.

    How many did you install on the west side?

    1. Lots. Every drainage from Camas south. Was in Park/Muir last weekend, and there are eight sites in just those two.

      1. You have been busy. The beard is looking quite impressive by the way.

        1. I haven’t put in all those myself, but I’ve done my share.

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