There’s not been much to love about the BCX11s since I bought them almost exactly a year ago, but there has been a fair bit to like.  They’re not totally waterproof, but they’re waterproof enough.  They don’t have excellent control, but with skinny XCD sticks they have enough control for survival skiing just about anywhere.  They walk pretty well for a reasonably supportive boot, but the harsh midsole does wear after a while.  They’re not especially warm, but with my easy-to-heat feet they’ve been just fine with thin liners and VBLs well below zero.  The zipper can freeze shut under especially un-ideal conditions, and the ratchet on the buckles tends to pack with snow.  The top buckle is window dressing, a velcro strap would serve as well, but the bottom one is great for locking in the forefoot.  Most importantly, they fit me, especially in the heel, and thus I was content to live with the other foibles.  Until yesterday.


Sunday morning I woke up to a 3″ tear right at the front of the boots.  I hadn’t noticed it the day before, and thus what caused it remains a mystery.  As shown above, and despite my efforts to tape it shut, the tear grew substantially on the not exactly flat ski out.  Note that it’s a tear in the fabric, not an issue of delamination.

Campsaver referred me to Rossignol, and I’ve put in a warranty claim.  We’ll see where that leads.  The nordic season is easily over so I’m not too excited, though the possibility of what boot to use next is rather puzzling.  Even if I got a replacement pair I’d be loath to just use them and wait for the inevitable.  Perhaps the local shop is right, leathers are the only way to go, and I should just get some Scarpa Wasatchs, snoseal the shit out of them, and be done with it.

As usual, watch this space.