The Cold and the Darkness


It is cold outside. Barring this morning, it’s barely been above zero for four days. The sun rises at 8 and sets at 430, but twilight lingers until 10 and starts at 3. Saturday morning I woke up and the webcam over in St. Mary read -78F. Probably a technical error, but nonetheless impressive.


I try to embrace the lassitude which flows out of these conditions, and use December as an off month to recover from a long year, sleep a lot, and finish projects.


Like this one, as well as the monstrous, complex, 6000 word pack review that is finally almost done. Soon enough it will time to get out the fur in all seriousness and head back into the woods, but for the moment I’m trying to lay down ambition, make sure I remember as much as I can from the last twelve months, and enjoy it.


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