Minimalist Footwear in Technical Terrain


File this one under ideology: a revised and expanded version of my earlier post on the subject just went up on Toe Salad.

4 responses to “Minimalist Footwear in Technical Terrain”

  1. Incredible photo! Looks like a hell of an adventure!! I’m looking at this wondering why there’s no rope in use, but, obviously, there’s more to the story than I know about.

    I’ve often wondered if my “toe shoes” would work for smearing on rock, but I’ve never wanted to actually find out.

    1. The photo is kind of a lie. I had elevatored over with my feet a little lower than M’s lowest foot; both feet on lookers right, both hands on lookers left wall. Right after this shot she decided she didn’t like the exposure and downclimbed to go through the mud.

  2. How is the drying time for the TrailRoc 235’s? They look like they’d drain pretty well and based on the weight I assume there’s not too much padding to hold water.

    1. The drying time is excellent.

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