The numbers are in.

Kristin Gates led almost wire to wire, and ended up with 32% of the vote.
Steve Fassbinder came in second, at 22%.
Dan Durston and Luc Mehl tied, 19.5% each.
And Brendan Swihart followed with 7%.

I’ll be contacting each of the above in the next few days to dole out schwag.

Thanks to everyone for voting. My hope with the original concept was not just to celebrate the year gone by, but to collect plenty of inspiration for the year to come. To a certain extent I didn’t make it a fair fight, as Ms. Gates’ journey was rather larger in scale than the rest, a trip of a lifetime in terms of grandeur, opportunity, and personal growth. What I like most about the rest, be they routes which required over a week or only a few days, is the unconventional way in which they took to the landscape. The world today may seem small, with roads and internet beta everywhere. Nonetheless, most places still have infrequently explored corners. How you go somewhere almost totally defines how you see it. So this year, go somewhere new by going there in a new way.

I look forward to reading about it.