The year in chronological review; one photo for each month, with two for June and October as I just couldn’t pick. Which is a fitting, as the sheer volume of excellence in 2013 is overwhelming when looked back over.















As far as trips go, I’m struggling with plans for 2014.  Options are not in short supply, but I’m lacking a major mid-summer deal to really get me excited.  This feeds into my hope for this blog: similar, and probably a bit less frequent content, but I want to keep taking the quality higher and higher.  I can’t wait.


  1. Ali White says:

    Did you not end up doing your 6 10,000-footer trip? Are you planning on doing that in 2014?

    (I thought it was hysterical that there are all of these gorgeous photos, then an add for chicken nuggets at the bottom)

    1. DaveC says:

      No, and maybe.

      A major lesson of 2013 was that I could do volume or quality (in athletic terms) but not both. I picked the former, and am very content with that.

      1. I’d say it looks like you found a nice balance between the two. Unless you are using trick photography it looks like you definitely stood in some quality spots last year!

  2. Woah! Great shots, what mountain is in second shot?

    1. DaveC says:

      Citadel in the foreground, Jackson in the background.

  3. nanc7 says:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome photographs.

    Out of curiosity… what kind of camera do you use? Is it waterproof, shock-proof, resilient in the cold weather or anything special?

    Thanks! -N

    1. DaveC says:

      All but one were taken with the same S90. The slot canyon ampitheatre shot M took with her RX100. I mistakenly thought it was my photo.

      The only thing special about the S90 is that its small and light enough to stay in a chest pouch all the time. Being under a coat in the cold and rain keeps it functional, and being handy means photos get taken.

  4. What’s the tower in the foreground of the fifth photo?

    1. Ali White says:

      St. Nick, jah?

  5. jjg says:

    Where and what month is the “slot canyon ampitheatre?” Thanks.

    1. DaveC says:

      A side branch of the South Fork of Robbers Roost Canyon in Utah.

      1. jjg says:

        Thanks, as to the ID of the UT site. Have you been in the French Spring-Happy Canyon complex, from the north? I am looking for routes in and out of them, from the north, close to Hans Flat R S, and to the south, without having to go all the way to Dirty Devil. This is part of a planned walk this spring from I-70 to Hite, via walking along the San Rafael River, then the length of Barrier/Horseshoe, and finishing up going south on the Red Benches/Ledgers to Rock Creek Cyn. I already have the several Kelsey books, the Utah’s Wilderness Areas book and the Steve Allen book, but have not yet studied them. THANKS.

        1. DaveC says:

          Not from the north, only up from the bottom. Allen’s Canyoneering 2 should be helpful there.

  6. Would have loved some captions. Dang, the problem with reading Trail Ambassador posts is I’m always left with the feeling that I don’t get out enough…

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