3 thoughts on “Recent writings

  1. The Gossamer gear piece was very nice. I wish I had access to canyons OR snow OR anything interesting right now.

    It would be inadvisable to drop this link at BPL, but I thought it might interest you: http://e360.yale.edu/feature/animal_personhood_muddled_alternative_to_real_protection/2734/

    1. That is a great article. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the links. The gaiter article was very helpful as I need something to replace my old Inov8 gaiters. The other one was interesting as well. I feel that the sense of remoteness and wilderness is essential for me to properly enjoy the outdoors. I think there might be an aspect of addiction in it and gradually you need bigger doses of it to get your fix. Which, in my case, has lead to long ski expedition as carrying food for weeks is easier in pulka/sled than in a backpack. It’s difficult to get the same feeling ans excitement from a day’s distance from a road than being one-week from closest village accessibale by plane… But the idea of finding similar experience via technical difficulty is interesting…

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