1. fedster9 says:

    I am commenting here on your SA post about food (https://seekoutside.com/blog/the-two-rules-of-backpacking-food/) [this is because I do not want to give Discus access to my stuff online, hint hint]. You seem to carry a lot of stuff that has sugar in it. How do you manage it in terms of preventing tooth decay?

    1. DaveC says:

      Haven’t yet had a cavity, so I guess I’m fortunate. Just hasn’t been an issue, yet.

    2. Kevin Timm says:

      I go a different route ..usually lots of nuts and dried fruit mixes, some high calorie butters maybe mixed with oatmeal for breakfast. Often a dinner of mashed potatoes and something else or a dehydrated meal. I rarely use bars of any sort

  2. myogarticles says:


    Great site! I read some of your articles on BPL and enjoy your writing style. Keep up the good work.

    Be safe,
    (another) Dave C.

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