North Fork updates

The initial run of packraft straps has sold out!  All orders yet to be shipped will be fulfilled and sent out today.  I’ll be making more in early December; until then they’ll appear as out of stock in the store.  The second run might even be a different color.  Taking suggestions now.


Not just for boating, as demonstrated by reader, customer, and Alaskan Scott Yeats.

The development of the Tamarisk pack is proceeding, slowly, with the final area of refinement being the belt shape and foam.  In the next three weeks, expect a series of posts detailing the various features and dimensions you’ll see in the finished pack, and the experience behind them.


3 responses to “North Fork updates”

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the pack.

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing about the pack! Something to spice up an otherwise dreary final exam season for me.

    1. A high end to serve. Will deliver.

      Two colors for next round of packraft straps: gold and rainbow. Both with black buckles.

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