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Sticker sales, the move, and the final purge

First of all, a massive thank you to my readers, many of whom have purchased stickers in the past week.  Packaging so many things we put so much thought into, and sending them off everywhere from Connecticut to Slovenia, has … Continue reading

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How the Kifaru Duplex Works

When it comes to modern, internal frame load haulers for big game hunting Kifaru has defined the genre and, web traffic and analytics would have one assume, sells more than any of their competitors, by a considerable margin.  Recently I … Continue reading

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Echo Park

The water would have been right up there. It’s a thought that hovers 500 feet overhead and permeates what would otherwise be an overly lucent place, a pinch of silt dissolved in a pint of champagne. Echo Park was named … Continue reading

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This is not a business

But I am asking you to buy things. Back in 2010 the end of grad school and move to a new place, with what was finally and undeniably a real job, properly prompted introspection.  One prominent result was upgrading this … Continue reading

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2017 Bob Open, planning from afar

As things stand today, the family and I will almost certainly be at the start of the 2017 Bob Open, if for no other reason than we rented the (superlatively gorgeous) forest service cabin at the start for the nights … Continue reading

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The Big question

Where to live?  A question of massive importance that for obvious reasons we’ve been pondering a lot lately.  With a kid and a lot of stuff future moves will ideally trend toward the number of digits needed to eat chicken … Continue reading

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Escalante River snap judgment

Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains. ― Gustave Flaubert The Highway 12 gauge is almost useless. During my trip on the Escalante this past weekend it hovered around 4 cfs, with a brief … Continue reading

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Upper Level Stream Crossings, updated

A post Philip put up the other day temporarily boosted traffic to this post from 2013, prompting me to give it a re-read.  One of the best things about this website is being able to delve into the past and … Continue reading

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Those Needles

The Colorado Plateau has endless hidden corners, more than can be understood in one human life, but from the distance of inexperience most of them seem like variations on a theme.  And rock and sand and emaciated vegetation can only … Continue reading

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The importance of bikes Outside

There was a time, within the last decade, when Outside Magazine was the bastion of quality in outdoor writing and journalism. They published a wide range of writers, on a wide range of subjects, notably giving Steven Rinella his start … Continue reading

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