Local fate

The most acute danger of being local to a given area is taking that place for granted, and allowing your perceptions to fall in line with the received wisdom: which trails give the best riding, where to find good powder, what is the choice fishing spot.  The ideal balance is to be aware of the […]

The 10 mpd club

One of the most significant moments in parenting, for us 21st century types for whom proliferation of the species is both an abstraction and a choice, is mourning the trappings of your pre-kid life as they are filed and filtered away, never to be seen again.  With an infant around your life will become totally […]

OR, the Rorshach test

The Outdoor Retailer tradeshow is happening, right now, and I am not there. The show is early this year, making conflict with the birthdays inevitable. A frequent comment about OR is “I’d rather be out hiking/climbing/etc” which I find both understandable and peculiar.  Obviously we made such a choice this year, but as yesterday wore […]