Somewhere in Montana

I have a conflicted relationship with mountain biking.  On the one hand, it is the closest we can get to flying while still being tethered to the dirt, and was my entry into endurance sports and all that pursuit has given me.  On the other, use trends and modern preference conspire to reduce many, likely […]

What ultralight is not

I tried my best five years ago, but despite little technological progress of consequence since, that little bastard ultralight refuses to die.  Rather, it lives a more robust life than ever, largely as a marketing catchphrase.  That being the case it is important than usual to take some time today and discuss all the things […]


The me of a decade ago would not easily recognize the me of today.  Since arriving three weeks ago we’ve done a lot, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how interesting most of it has been.  If I had the time I’d probably have a lot to say about how much and just why I […]

The 2017 Bob Open

One of the best, if not the best, thing about the Bob Open is that it isn’t about me or anyone else. It’s about everyone, going out and battling with their demons and desires on their own terms and hopefully learning what they wanted. The Bob itself is just a canvas, though not all canvas’s […]