Backing down

Otherwise known as bailing.  A very important thing that doesn’t get spoken about nearly enough, especially in the outdoor adventure world.

Two interesting examples on my radar lately:

With the later it’s nice to see the slick, increasingly influential Camp4 boys speaking honestly in a way that goes a fair bit beyond media relations. The former is a more bald and mundane example, and I’m not sure if it being telegraphed so boldy is indicative of honesty or ignorance.

In any case, I wrote about the first example here. Pretty well, I think.

Your thoughts? (Other than that the guy that went under the log is lucky to be alive.)


4 thoughts on “Backing down

  1. Thanks for a good post. Perfect on a friday, if anyone is planning a hike…
    Just read the BPB-thread on the first video and think you had a good, healthy response to it. They definitely did some super-dumb things, but in reality, there’s probably huge number of similar trips hidden in dark figures. So kudos to the guy for still posting it, as long as they also learn from it and act accordingly in the future. Hope everyone takes a good luck in the mirror.

    Great blog!

  2. It didn’t seem like the guys in the first video truly feell ike what they did is stupid — it seems more like they know it is intellectually but feel pretty good about it. I would probably have done the same thing though or waited for the river to go down — I really don’t want to ever have to be rescued.

  3. It feels to me that the guys in the first video weren’t taking it very seriously, although I admit some of the joking may have been out of nervousness. I agree probably more of this sort of behavior goes on than is ever heard about, but I’m having problems congratulating them for honesty when the video comes off (to me) as “lookit the stupid thing we did haha.” The times I’ve screwed up may make for good stories, but they’re not things I make light of.

  4. machina ex deus?
    Too bad they found the axe. Beyond the destruction it caused it forced them to abandon their best tool, that which lies between the ears.
    Glad it was a comedy of errors rather than a tragedy.

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