Go get it

Tom catching Bill on film, last September.

We’re entering the golden period of the year, when days still stretch long enough for leisure and contemplation but the light in low and close enough to winter to provide good contrast.  Food for both photography and recollection.  I had cause to search through the autumnal blog archives the other day, which reminded me that the next 7 weeks is historically both an intellectually and adventurally productive time of year, for me.

And a good time for you all, the readers, to polish and post that entry in the trip report contest.  The entries have been going up slowly and surely, and there are quite a few out there who have mentioned their intention to enter, but have yet to do so.  So do so!  If it’s not posted by the end of next Friday it doesn’t count.

I think that I’ve been a reasonable example in the last month, as have others:

[vimeo 28697401]

It’s a hard thing to pull out the camera during those small, burdensome times.  Well done Mike.

[vimeo 27640403]

If you don’t know about the Bomb Flow boys, you probably should, certainly if you’re a boater.  While their antics are something I appreciate on only an academic level (I do not intend to do any boating the requires a roll, to say nothing of a rescue vest and full face, just as I don’t bike anything needing more than 4″ of travel or pads.), I learn quite a bit, and they have the talent both in front of and behind the camera (and good music) to push forward the futures of youtube.  I just hope they develop, and soon, beyond the kayak-porn/whitewater music video paradigm, and do some more storytelling.

There’s good stuff happening out there, be a part of it.

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  1. Both vids left me pretty speechless.

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