1/3 of a Jam (this one’s for you, Eric)

With huge photos for maximized investigative ease.

Eric was disappointed to learn, back in July, that I was using a commercial pack for the Classic.  He surely knows that the mind, once enlightened, can never rest.  And he is thus not surprised by the developments detailed herein.

I really like a lot about the Jam.  The harness system fits me perfectly (belt and strap dimensions and placement), and the material is quite tough.  Other things (too short torso length even in a L, fat butt, poor water resistance of the fabric) were not so good, and were over a few evenings this week fixed.

I also like the thick, thick 3D mesh on the backpanel.  It actually dries your back a bit, and more importantly keeps the tailbone and lower vertebrae from being chaffed.  I shortened the straps a bit, but made a point to copy the angle and spacing exactly.

Volume was moved up, and overall volume increased a wee bit.  I replaced the 1.5″ waist belt with a 3/4″, which is an experiment.  A 1.5″ buckle digs into my gut when biking.

I saved the back pocket, and used the stock Dyneema Gridstop to create my trademark wraparoud pocket.  You can put stuff behind the back pocket, too, and the rear compression strap can go over the pocket complex, rather than under, if needed.

The rest of the daisy chains, etc are what has become my standard feature set.  Not shown here is the bitchin pink silnylon sleeve for the top drawcord.  Slick, waterproof sil is great for that application.

Plenty of space for everything to drain.

Perfect fit.  The new weight is, remarkably, 31 oz.  A hair lighter than the old one.

I hope to see Golite using some VX-21 in the future.  While it lacks in abrasion resistance, the actual waterproofness is just fantastic for rugged outdoor pursuits.  Especially packrafting.

If I’ve left anything out, ask away.

BTW: I’m selling my Lenz.  For real this time.  I’ll give a discount to any reader that wants it.


11 thoughts on “1/3 of a Jam (this one’s for you, Eric)

  1. The wrap-a-round pocket is awesome. Perfect for snowshoes and other bulky accessories. GoLite should be doing these mods in the factory.

    VX-21 v dyneema. I doubt the majority of GoLite end-users need the robustness of the dyneema, which in my experience soaks up moisture like a sponge. Time to switch GoLite!

  2. Great personalization of this pack. The taller tapered pockets look better in design and photo than the shallower stock pockets. So if I understand the pocket design correctly, the rear portion of the pack is essentially one big floating pocket with no partition? Main pack body is compressed by the lower compression peeking through the side pockets and then also compressed by the two angled compression straps near the top?

    I think I get this pack, and I like your imprint on it. I’m assuming this retires the “All Pack” for good, have a name for this beast yet?

  3. Yep, one big floating pocket, no divisions. You’re right on the compression, as well.

    Funny you ask about a name. While out today I decided to call it, in honor of Luc’s favorite movie, the space jam.

  4. I like it a lot. XPac gets sadly way too less use (that one German cottage uses it) while DXG is everywhere. Lets see when others are picking up on it, and also get inspired by your design!

  5. Funny mod. I admire your courage to take the sciessors in hand, rip it all up and sew it back together again, personal style. Did you trash the compactor system on purpose, didn’t like it? I was under the impression that DXG has the same 200psi water resistance as X-pac, does Golites fabric differ from “cottage” DXG, no coating?
    It’s not easy to find the perfect pack, just have to keep on trying. 🙂

  6. I’m not a fabric scientist, but no way is the PSI on DXG (Golite’s or standard) anywhere close to VX-21. With the later water can pool in folds for hours while I boat and it never soaks through. I have found the coating on Golite’s fabric to be sub-standard. It’s flaking off under abrasion in places after far too little use.

    As for the compactor, it’s role is largely truncated by the smaller bottom of the pack. Additionally, when I used it on the stock pack I wasn’t a big fan of what it did to the load carry. I found it hard to load the pack with the compactor clipped and not have the base round out.

    1. Thank’s for the hand’s on info! Too bad the golite fabrics don’t cut it, was just beginning to like the looks of their packs. I’ll continue working with X-pac then. Really liked the VX-07 I used in my last pack. Being only 70 denier I guess it’s on the less durable side. DXG 150g/m^2, VX07 165g/m^2 and VX21 230g/m^2, puts the 210 denier X-pac in the heavier end. Luckily we don’t have so much mountains and canyons in Finland so I think the VX07 should work.. 🙂

      I enjoy your blog, thanks.

  7. Looks great – but wow – 31oz without a frame?

  8. nice job Dave, hat’s off.

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