The holiday season

On most workdays I indulge prodigiously in caffeine enhancement, but try to avoid (for financial reasons) the extra psychological lift/indulgence which comes from an espresso beverage.  Both today and yesterday I found that particular performance enabler necessary, and noticed when buying an Americano from Tymber (seriously) that City Brew opens at 3am on Friday.  For shopping.  Just one bit of evidence of the systemic, inexorable insanity into which we are all about to be plunged.

My day at work has certainly reflected the psychological and intra-familial dimensions of holiday dread.  I’ll be glad to go home this evening, and out of state tomorrow.  We have a backcountry Thanksgiving planned.

In other news, the first part of my work on Alternative Rainwear was published today over at BPL (subscription required).  Perhaps relevant for what looks to be a wet weekend.


  1. If you wanna save some money, and wanna make the best coffee one can make at home/ the office, get an Aeropress. I have mine now since about two weeks, and it is a joy to use and produces the best coffee/ Espresso, ever.

    Off to read the AR article then.

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