The 145 Altai Hok

New skis made it this weekend.  3 lb 4 oz per as pictured above, or 2 lb 14 oz a ski naked.  Compare to this photo of the 125. Not too much weight gain for the extra area of the 145.  Dimensions are the same as the proto 125: 121-110-121.  Inserts are more forward than I’d thought they’d be, a subject on which I’ll have to report later.  Note three heel pad inserts; I went with a single traction pad over heel wires as I don’t plan on doing steep skinning with the skinsert.


10 responses to “The 145 Altai Hok”

  1. Cool Dave. Is that their 75mm binding or did you mount a different brand/model? Also, what boot do you plan to use?

    1. All three bindings pictured are Voile 3 pin, the same Altai is offering. The Red one is the current Mountaineer, while the black and the silver ones I have are older versions. These two have slots in the sides to take a heel cable, so are best compared with the current Voile 3 pin cable binding.

      I’ll probably use my modified T2s most of the time. I presume the Hoks will be best suited to powdery trail breaking in the woods. They’d have been perfect for our wolverine outing yesterday if we had 2 more feet of snow.

  2. They look like great fun :D

  3. Dave: I also own the two pairs on the right & am very interested in your view of the 145s…is an assessment pending :)? Thanks.

    1. Ya’ll will know how they go when I do.

  4. […] C’s posts: Altai Hok: by the numbers, Tools; choices (for comparing different options) and The 145 Altai Hok (for those interested in the longer option providing more floatation). The skis are built with wood […]

  5. Dave:

    Please check out the Hive Snowshoes.

    Another item for you to review.

    BTW: I am waiting in vain for snow to test out my Hok 145s.

  6. David:

    I went to swap out my Universal Trace bindings on my Hok 145’s with a generic 3-pin binding (not the Voile).

    I noticed that the duckbills on my T3s, which are the same size as my T2s, don’t fit into my generic 3 pin bindings.

    Did your T2s fit into the Voile 3 pin system or did you have to cut off some of the duckbill?

    Thank you.


    1. I can’t recall the numbers off the top of my head, but there are two thickness standards for three pin bindings. The Voiles are the thicker of the two and should work with any plastic boot.

      1. Many thanks!

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