2013 is over, but I thought it was a pretty good year.  I’ve yet to muster much enthusiasm for my personal retread of the year, but I do want to highlight the remarkable year had by the community who reads this.

The rules are simple.  Nominate a trip report by posting the link in the comments, below.  It must be a multiday, wilderness adventure undertaken and written up in 2013.  Nominations will be open through this coming Monday evening.  I’ll pick five finalists, a poll will go up for 48 hours, public voting will rank these five, and they’ll get public recognition and general mad respect.  The voted order will also be the order in which they’ll have their choice of the schwag I’ll put up and ship out as prizes.  Any comments which deviate excessively from simple author name and link listing will be trimmed or deleted.

The twist?  You can’t nominate your own report, or a trip you were on.

Have at it folks.  You have five days to find something awesome the rest of us did not yet see.


  1. DaveC says:

    I’ll start.

    Brendan Swihart. Lower Escalante Canyons and Flash Flood Packrafting.

  2. Matt Vogt says:

    Brendan’s post will be hard to beat, and is the one that first came to my mind. A close second:
    Doom’s Wild Ass Tour

      1. Todd says:

        Feel like I should add, that is Shug’s recent -40f hammock trip.

    1. Todd says:

      Ok I think this might be my favorite. I love shug and his video is impressive but this ski trip is beyond imagine.

  3. rogwilmers says:

    I nominate Dan Durston’s – ‘Pukaskwa: Around the Outside via Foot & Raft’.

    The ultimate way to experience one of the most rugged and beautiful pieces of real estate in central North America. Pukaskwa is a special place along the shores of Lake Superior and Dan did it in grand style.

  4. Martin Rye says:

    Don Wilsons Wind River for me and I enjoyed yours a lot Dave.

    1. rogwilmers says:

      That trip just might go neck and neck with Dan’s trip. Both awesome, Dan’s just has a little more creativity put into it. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Death Rider says: 4 Day trip on Minnesota’s north shore, may not compete with some of the others but not bad for us flatlanders

    1. Death Rider says:

      PS not my trip report, but I was on the trip

      1. DaveC says:

        Read the rules, please.

  6. will govus says:

    seems hard to beat this one:

  7. mark says:

    i also submit luc mehl’s orizaba to pacific traverse

    1. will govus says:

      yeah damn i forgot that he did that this year as well. apparently i waddled up orizaba a few days before he did.

  8. samh says:

    My favorite trip report of 2013 doesn’t qualify for the contest since it wasn’t multiday but I’m posting the link anyway because it embodies the absolute best of making the most of your environment even when your environment is as seemingly benign as Minneapolis, MN.

    1. DaveC says:

      Good call on that one. Any midwestern (or ex-midwesterner) can relate.

  9. samh says:

    I will however cast my nomination for Joe’s “Constantly Moving: Four days along Norway’s National Bicycle Route 4”.

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