Packing for the 2015 Bob Open

The weather forecast is good, even a little excessively warm. The rivers aren’t high. The snow will be minimal. Attendance at the start promises to be the highest ever, possibly by a lot. The Bob Open should be a good time.

I’m taking a more relaxed approach this year, with a bit of extra time built in to accommodate unexpected conditions or excessive coffee breaks. See ya’ll next week.


  1. Good meeting you on Saturday morning, Dave. I hope you’re out of the woods by now and that the overlanding and the coffee drinking were stellar the past few days.

  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for putting on the Open! Mica and I had a great time in the Bob. We finished Monday at 10:30pm, a bit slower than expected due to the time of day that we reached the passes (dark).

    Thanks, Les Mignery

    Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 22:27:40 +0000 To:

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