The 610 pack

All packs must have a name so I can keep them straight, and DX-40 was so cool and the race pack was too big for day trips and I can never have enough packs.

29 inches tall, 9 inches wide at the back, 6 at the front, and 8 (for the most part) deep along the sides.

16 oz exactly, including the 23 by 9 by 3/8 inch foam back pad, but without a hipbelt.

Shoulder straps are from the OMM Adventure Light 20, a bit wider than I usually prefer, and set a hair closer together. Reason being I hope to avoid the need for a sternum strap.  Huge handle for hauling while climbing.  Grey VX-21 panel contains a 3/8 inch foam pad, much softer closed cell than the back pad, to prevent tailbone chafe.

Barely visible are 3/8 inch webbing loops low on the sides, to add a second set of compression straps if desired.

40D silnylon collar, 1/2 inch top strap.

Shoulder strap anchors (VX-21) double as abrasion resistant patches. 1.5 inch triglides allow for a variety of belts to be installed as desired.

And the name? A project for this summer I’ve been turning over in my head this week. Details to come.


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