Shit that works week: Gossamer Gear grips

Tonight’s entry makes the cut for a simple reason, it is the best in class. Different trekking poles are good for different things, but all of them are better with Gossamer Gear grips on top. And most of them shed significant weight in the process, as well. The geometry is ideal for a number of different grip methods, and the material is durable, not slippery when sweaty, and warm in the cold.


I’m not crazy about the Gossamer Gear poles which these grips most currently come attached to. The nonadjustable Litetrek 3s are sick light, and the new carbon used is pretty durable, but the nonadjustable-ness makes them a specialized tool. The adjuster on the Litetrek 4s drives me nuts; any grit or water, as well as temperatures below around 15 F, make them very finicky. At some point Gossamer Gear will release a flicklocked 2 or 3 section pole with heavier gauge carbon and the trekking pole market will collapse into monopoly.

Until then, adding the GGear grips to other poles in the way to go. I’ve been exceedingly pleased with the ones I made last year. A proper glue plug as mentioned in that post is crucial to long term viability. If you’re new to monkeying with gear this is a good introductory project, and will give you a pair of poles which are almost indestructible.

Light, burly, and not too expensive: that is shit that works.

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