Ski gear for backcountry traverses

[Readers might be interested in my 2/2014 addendum to this post.] Backcountry skiing (that is, skiing solely on natural snow surfaces) can mean three different things in today’s world.  Three quite distinct things.  The first is off-track XC skiing, with light gear and on flatish terrain.  While speedy and enjoyable, steep and/or rough terrain and […]


It is out there.  37 inches at the summit of Big Mountain.  We’re going skiing tomorrow. Yesterday evening there was a quite a lot in Glacier, even (as shown) at 3905′ (Avalanche Lake). Yeee.   Haw! Whitefish Resort uphill policy.

The backyard

I’m giving myself a little while to get re-used to working 40 hours a week on a regular schedule, before I again expect myself to get out and train on a daily basis. With a distinct lack of mental energy at the end of every day, it’s really easy to turn my back on ambition, […]