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Halloween Party: the video

Danni and Ted know how to rock it. I forgot about the camera for the first hour or so, but when I stopped to think about all the amazing costumes people had, knew what I had to do.t

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Ski gear for backcountry traverses

[Readers might be interested in my 2/2014 addendum to this post.] Backcountry skiing (that is, skiing solely on natural snow surfaces) can mean three different things in today’s world.  Three quite distinct things.  The first is off-track XC skiing, with … Continue reading

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It is out there.  37 inches at the summit of Big Mountain.  We’re going skiing tomorrow. Yesterday evening there was a quite a lot in Glacier, even (as shown) at 3905′ (Avalanche Lake). Yeee.   Haw! Whitefish Resort uphill policy.

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Pumpkins, moving, 2011 training, and a short review of "The Social Network"

I carved a jack o lantern for the first time in years last night. Over the weekend, M and I finished moving out of and cleaning up our Missoula house, and are now full residents of Kalispell.  It’s good to … Continue reading

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More from the backyard pond

The fish weren’t interested in what I was throwin’ yesterday evening, once again foiling ambitions to catch a fish from the packraft. But I was pretty busy taking pictures. You can’t get these from dry land. Vote on your favorite, … Continue reading

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The backyard

I’m giving myself a little while to get re-used to working 40 hours a week on a regular schedule, before I again expect myself to get out and train on a daily basis. With a distinct lack of mental energy … Continue reading

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I finished the first part of the year in review video last night, so it is now time to start thinking about next year (like we haven’t all been assembling race calenders for a month already; I’m waiting on the … Continue reading

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My current thoughts on shells

Monday, for moment, is gear day. Check the last few mondays for thoughts on base layers and footwear. This article will be much shorter than either of the previous, because the subject is much simpler. You need shells to keep … Continue reading

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Indian Summer

aka: Pictures of my bikes in neat places. aaka: This place sucks! We are getting a real indian summer this year, unlike last when snow and sub-zero temps flew just before Kevin and I ventured into the Bob for Le … Continue reading

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Switch covers of the new house

Last night, after the U-Haul had been emptied but before we started painting, M asked me how I could ride my bike for hours and hours with little complaint, but suck so much at moving? It took a bit to … Continue reading

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